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AVEKA CCE Technologies
7555 95th Street South
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Toll Processing Services

AVEKA CCE Technologies maintains modern test and toll processing facilities with capabilities to produce products in the minus 75 micron and finer particle size range. Lab scale to production size quantities can be custom packaged to your requirements.  Particle size is monitored throughout the entire process to maintain product integrity.

AVEKA CCE’s Fluid Bed Jet Mill with integral air classification, can produce narrow particle distributions with precise top size control.
Unlike mechanical type mills, abrasive and temperature sensitive materials can be processed with little or no contamination or
heat generation.

Our High Efficiency Centrifugal Air Classifiers can produce ultra narrow particle size distributions with high yields as required
in the production of HPLC columns. These forced – vortex type classifiers allow for precise & efficient separation of coarse and
fine particles. 

The equipment is ideal for extremely hard abrasives such as alumina, carbides, ceramics, diamonds, glass, minerals,
resins, silica, etc.

Please call or send the completed application data sheet to help us determine the feasibility of meeting your product requirements.