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phone: 651.688.2656
fax: 651.688.8989

AVEKA CCE Technologies
7555 95th Street South
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
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We Specialize in the Minus 200 Mesh and Finer Particle Size Range.

Sizeology Specialist

AVEKA CCE Technologies offers both Fluid Energy Jet Milling and High Efficiency Air Classification equipment as well as custom processing and packaging services.

We specialize in the 200 mesh (75 micron) and finer particle size range and have capabilities to produce products in the 90% minus 2 micron range. All of our systems operate under a negative pressure allowing for stringent contamination concerns to be addressed as well as providing for highly effective nuisance dust control. Because there is no heat from compression of the process air, temperature sensitive materials can be finely ground with no damaging effects. With abrasion resistant linings, extremely hard materials such as diamonds, boron carbide and zirconium can be finely ground with little or no contamination.

AVEKA CCE also provides Engineering for plant layout designs and on-site assistance during installation and equipment commissioning.